Selected work - print


ASOS Magazine ‘Turn Up’ issue - Party 2018

  • Pxssy Palace interview

  • Collusion brand consultants interview

  • trend report and interview

PARTY_18_COMBO copy.jpg

ASOS Magazine ‘Work in Progress’ issue - Autumn 2018

  • PAQ men’s fashion web series interview

  • Bwalya Newton, founder of Hackney Gazelles interview

  • Simran Randhawa interview


ASOS Magazine 'Unstoppable' issue - Summer 2018

  • Trend guide report featuring interview with India Doyle (fashion editor)

  • House of Pharaohs (South London hip hop collective) interview

  • Joel Palmer interview on his beauty looks

  • Interviewed models Aweng Chuol, Sonny Turner and Sam Collett on their unique beauty


ASOS Magazine 'Let's Push Things Forward' 100th issue - Spring 2018

  • Interviewed Ana Kinsella (fashion commentator) and Lisa Katnic (stylist to Charli XCX) for trend report

  • Interviewed ASOS Fashion Team on their collaborative process


ASOS Magazine 'Dance Dance Dance' issue - Party 2017

  • Interviewed dancers for lead feature

  • Wanderlist travel feature, interviewing young people on the trip that reset their life


ASOS Magazine 'Make History' issue, Autumn 2017

  • Interview with Kingsman and Gypsy actress, Sophie Cookson

  • Catwalk trend report - Americana

  • Wanderlist travel feature, interviewing young creatives on the city that changed their life


Wonderland Winter 2016 - Cover feature

Planning for world domination via pop, Charli XCX is the music industry's secret master of misdirection.


Man About Town Winter 2016 Nike Supplement

The Heartless Crew spearheaded UK Garage in the late nineties, and explored early-days Grime sounds too, pre-empting the genre's insurgency. But don't call them legends: they're not done yet.

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Daily Telegraph

Paris flea markets and vintage fairs: the secrets of Downton's shabby chic revealed.

Period drama's costume designer tells of her efforts to find the right look - and her plans for an exhibition

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